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  1. Matthias Muenzer MD

    Thanks for posting this. Yes, it is on a lighter note, but very true. Since recruiters usually get the left-over jobs, they have to be very creative in advertising them, which often borders on white lies. This is even admitted by recruiters themselves. This is the reason why even recruiter organizations have an "ethics committee".
    But you do not only have to read the obvious misinformation and euphemisms, but please pay attention to what they do NOT say. If they try to sell a job in Florida and it does not say "waterfront" or "on the beach" it is usually 45 minutes to one hour from the beach. This is consistent with the fact that recruiters just do not get the good jobs, they get the less desirable jobs. Good jobs do not need heavy marketing. Only so-so jobs and undesirable jobs are handed to recruiters. Why would anyone pay 20-30K to have a job filled that is desirable?

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