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  1. matthias muenzer

    There is nothing wrong with making money. NO need to hide that we want to make money with medicine. Why be a hypocrit?
    Everybody else seems to think that mediicne is business adn everybody else behaves that way. I have the distinct feeling that our altruism, cultivated through years during medical school, is a trap that allows HMOs to abuse us and take advantage of us. But doctor, you want the best for your patients, right? But doctor, I am sure you can do with a little less, after all, you are taking care of human life? But doctor, you should provide the best possible care, – even if we do not provide the best payment and so on. Be realistic!
    If I wanted to help others and not earn money, I would have become a social worker. I became a doctor because it combiens helping other with earning well. There is nothing wrong with it, nobody should be ashamed of it, and nobody should critisize it. YEs, I like to rean money, adn yes, I like to live well. And I resent anybody that even hints at ideas that I should work for free!
    It was to hard to get here to give it away!

  2. AMEN with a capital A for Doctor Muenzer. Having been a practice manager/owner as well as a publisher of several publications for physicians as an advocate for fee for service medical practices (wrote the manual "Learn How to Start a Cash Only Medical Practice") I have only one thing to say: If physicians do not get it by now that will get hit over the head with the big Socialist Hammer called Universal Health Care aka Socialized Medicine. Start growing some you know what docs before it is too late.

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