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  1. matthias muenzer

    Hi, why take loan? I prefer a line of credit. A line of credit means you take out as much money as you need at a time and you only pay interest on the money you actually need. Maybe you can do with less than the amount of the loan. Why pay interest on the full loan?

  2. Dr.SSG

    I agree with Matthias, line of credit is the way to go. Usually the bank will approve you a loan for equipment and other assets. However the interest is charged only on the portion of the loan you are using. So it works as a line of credit anyways. The bank won’t let you take the loan out without a bill to prove you bought an asset or equipment with it. Line of credit is also given to a medical practice by the bank for working capital or day to day expenses. The problem with a line of credit is that the interest rate fluctuates with the market rate. The loan amount for secured asset is fixed for a period of time.

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