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  1. These are good tips for working with a physician recruiter. As a recruiter myself, I’d also like to add the following: 1) Make sure you are working with a Board Certified Physician Recruiter. This will give you a level of assure that (a) they have been doing this for awhile and (b) plan to continue therefore their reputation means much more to them. 2) Make sure your recruiter has a complete and accurate picture of your qualifications, experience, and career goals, and 2) Give the recruiter timely feedback about interviews and progress. We cannot accurately represent you if we do not know what you’re thinking after an interview. Your recruiter should make your job search easier, but they can only do so when they have sufficient, accurate and timely information.

  2. Dr.SSG

    Bob has brought up an excellent viewpoint from the physician recruiters perspective. For them to be able to locate the right physician job opportunity, the physician candidates have to give them a clear picture of their criteria of an ideal job. To be able to do that you need to have some defined criteria to judge physician opportunity with. It could be location, population, salary, schools quality, cost of living, academic center nearby or something that is important to you. And I agree with Bob, we need to present it to the recruiters in a straightforward manner.

  3. Matthias Muenzer MD

    How to use recruiters to your advantage?
    By not taking their calls, by not answering their emails. The best use for recrutiers is IGNORING THEM.
    Recruiters make money by placing you in the less desirable jobs and taking a chunk of your salary for doing it.
    Please see my blog "A Physician on Job Search" for a very extensive discussion on why recruiters are bad for you and how to do it right.
    The best ways to find a job is by
    1. Networking
    2. Mailing your CV and cover letter to every physician in your specialty in the area where you want to work.
    In the age of computers and internet, recruiters do not have a place in medicine anymore – no mattter what they might say.

  4. Bob Eskridge

    Dr Muenzer,

    All I can say is wow! You really must have been burned bad by a recruiter to have such a low regard for us. Of course, I am sorry that you had such a bad experience, but I assure you that the 17 physicians I placed last year are very happy with my services. I have had only one physician leave within my guarantee period in the last three years since I started my practice and that was more related to the spouse being unhappy than the physician.

    Bob Eskridge

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