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  1. Matthias Muenzer MD

    Dear Careermedicine authors:
    I am surprised that you even mention physician recruiters as a way to find a job. I would put them last on the list, but very last. If everything fails, really, truly fails, then I would consider answer a recruiter email or ad.
    It is much better to find the job yourself, without a broker that charges 20-30K for placing you, with al the conflict of interest involved. Recruiters are not on the employers side and not on your side, they are on their own side. They do what is necessary to get the commission.
    Recruiters do not have access to the best jobs, since the best jobs are given out without advertising and without recruiters. The really good jobs have people waiting for the job to become available. Great practices do not need to advertise, they have people calling THEM.
    Recruiters are only called to fill the hard to sell jobs, meaning the less desirable jobs, the rejected jobs, the jobs with a drawback, hidden or openly visible. And you do not want those jobs.

    The 2 ways to find the best jobs are:
    1. Networking
    2. Sending your CV with a cover letter to every single physician in the area where you would like to work. Buy a list of contact infos of those physicians at InfoUSA.com. You can select very easily online and purchase the list online with a credit card. Then merge this list with your cover letter in Word and you will have 200-300 or more customized cover letters. Good looking, effective. Send them off with your CV.
    You will be surprised by the amount and quality of answers. Adn, by the way, "your" recruiter will hate this method, becuse it makes them obsolete. They actually are obsolete, you can do it yourself, in short time, with little effort. Recruiters are a distraction at best.

  2. Matthias Muenzer MD

    Wiki How has a good post on how to find a physician job. Folow this link:

  3. Dr Muenzer,

    As a board certified physician recruiter, I obviously take exception to your perspective on physician recruiters. It is clear that you have never had a good experience with a recruiter before. I am very sorry to hear that.

    I assure you that I can provide you with a number of professional references from both new and repeat clients and new and repeat candidates that are extremely happy with our services. Yes I have had several candidates that I have placed in the past that have called me to assist them with their next position in their career. In fact, my firm was recognized in the current issue of Texas Monthly magazine as one of the Top Ten Most Dependable Executive Search and Staffing Firms in the state of Texas. Eskridge and Associates is the only recruiting firm that specializes in physician placements on the list.

    If you waited to call a recruiter as the very last option after trying everything else first, why are you surprised that we could not do anything for you. If during my initial conversation you told me that you wanted to practice in a particular area, I would ask who you have talked with or contacted already. I would not want to "muddy the waters" by contacting them again. It would look like we had never talked before. If you told me oh I already sent my CV and cover letter to every physician in my area of interest, I would tell you that there is really nothing I could do for you at this point. Since I do get paid by the client for a successful referral, every potential client would already have your CV and therefore would not pay me for my services.

    I hope you would consider my comments.


    Bob Eskridge
    Board Certified Physican Recruiter

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