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  1. Dr Pauk

    I have met a guy who change the job from a new born intensive care RN to home depot employee.The reason he gave to me was he did not care anything any longer. Then I asked him what do you mean?. He said he has been working so long in the field(NICU) that he does not feel a thing when he was doing his job, that include resuscitate a newborn, fail, wrap up the dead infant and send to morgue. It did not pause him from his routine. Then one day he noticed that he did not feel sad for the deaths of his friend’s wife, uncle and few relatives. He realized himself he has become very insensitive and so he took drastic action of changing the job.

    I like this article pointing out what we are missing on our typical busy doctors life. We should remain professional, at the same time, we have to remain humane and sensitive to other’s life changing events.

    I found that the most popular doctors are not necessarily smartest but they are very caring and sensitive to their patient needs.

    They listen and answer when somebody has to say something. :):)

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