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  1. Matthias Muenzer

    Thank you for picking this blog post up and for repeating the short description of the method. This way of searching for a job is one of the most effective I have encountered. YOu could mail your CV (preferred) or fax it(watch out for laws concerning unsolictied faxes) or email it (too few physicians have published their emails). I prefer mailing your cover letter and CV.
    The response rate is about 2%, unfortunately not 20%, meaning if you send out 100 CVs, you will get 2 calls, maybe 3 or 4, but not 20…
    By the way recruiters LOVE this method and use it constantly and in very large scale (200,000 plus pieces of mail twice or more a year), but obviously they do not want you to know. It would endanger their comissions…

    Direct mail is upn there in effectiveness with networking. It even has an advantage. When networking, you can never be suer if you have reached absolutely everybody in a city or geographic area. With direct mail you can be sure you have reached everybody!

    Where do you get the address lists from? InfoUSA.com or other list providers. I have commented on this in my blog.

    Careermedicine: Thank you so much for helping to publisize this method. It is the best way of finding a job!

  2. Dr.SSG

    Thank you for the great tips

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