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  1. Dr. WL

    I want to share something that I learned while building up my practice overtime. Always be judgmental and suspicious but nothing should stop what is your aim to achieve.

    As a practice owner, we do deal a lot with business personal who sells their service, or their product. Be suspicious, Be cautious, but do not necessarily need to avoid all together.

    That is the reason I like about the MD webs which promote and share all our thoughts and experiences so that we do not have to repeat it again.

    Dr WL.

  2. Matthias Muenzer, MD

    This is very interesting:
    "A typical recruiter will hear “No” twenty times for every yes…if they are good at this. Starting out, that ratio can be 50-60:1…. It generally takes 6-7 contacts before a client is willing to use your services or buy your product"
    What does this say about the product or service? If it is so good, why all the rejection?

  3. Matthias Muenzer, MD

    I am surprised that you as a group of physicians in private practice interview a recruiter and thereby promote the idea that recruiters are good and helpful in the physician job search…What’s the idea? Is Eskridge going to advertise on your website? Do you actually think recruiters are that helpful or successful? Did you find your job through a recruiter or through word of mouth?
    Recruiters have enough press already, They are not "the mysterious caller", Most of my colleagues call them something quite different? Why promote somebody that is usually a distraction in your search, and why not enlighten physicians about BETTER ways to finding a job?

  4. SSS

    Matthias, We have not published this interview to advertise or endorse this particular physician recruiter. The idea is to find out more about physician recruiting here. There are other ways of finding physician jobs and we have gone over them in our previous articles. The current series is on physician recruiters and this interview is a part of it. We are exploring all facets of the physician job search for our readers in an unbiased manner. I hope that answers your question :)

    Authors of Careermedicine.com

  5. Bob Eskridge

    Dr Muenzer,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    The reason there is so much rejection to be expected is that not everyone is needing to hire a physician and if they are they may not be interested in using a recruiter. As an example, last year I recruited a physician who wanted to move to anywhere in New Hampshire. My team literally called every hospital system and major practice in the state of New Hampshire. We received 13 orders for Family Practice phsyicians and placed this physician in one of them. Although we were successful, we had to call over a 130 facilities to find out who had a need. It had nothing to do with our service being good or not.

    Regarding the 6-7 contacts before the client is willing to use your services/product, it has been my experience that it takes 6-7 contacts before a prospective client can associate your company with a specific service or product. Again, not that it is good or bad, just pure name recognition.

    I hope this clarifies my thoughts and addresses your concerns.

    I also wish to once again extend my thanks to the Authors of Careermedicine.com for the opportunity to add to the discussion.


    Bob Eskridge, CPC, CTS, PRC, CSP, CERS
    Physician Recruiter
    Eskridge & Associates

  6. Matthias Muenzer

    Dear Mr. Eskridge:
    It is admirable that you went so far as to call 130 hospitals in New Hampshire to place a candidate! You seem to be one of the few physician recruiters that truly go "the whole nine yards" for a candidate! That is amazing. Compliments for your success!
    The need to 6-7 contacts until business is possible is surprising, I did not know that.
    As I said in another comment, I apologize for being harsh in my remarks about physician recruiters. Since physician recruites have such an overwhelming presence on the Internet and since the outstanding recruiters are in the minority in my opinion I see the need for some critical comments. Unfortunately those who do not deserve criticism feel offended (rightfully so) and answwe me. My conversation with Jim Stone from Medicus Partners was similar.
    Again, thank you for your thoughful remarks.
    your Matthias Muenzer

  7. Our practice used a recruiter to fill an opening about six months ago to find a PCP, we did hire one of their candiidates. Recently we discovered that the same firm is recruiting the PCP that they found for us for a position at a different practice. Moves like this are part of the reason that people do not trust recruiters. While there are many good and trustworthy people in this field, lapses in ethical judgement like this create a lack of trust for recruiters in general.

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