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  1. Matthias Muenzer

    YOu forgot the most effective method of finding a physician job: Direct mail. Send a letter with cover letter and your CV to every physician in the area you want to work. Voila – Numerous interviews!. You will get about approximately a 2% response rate, meaning if you send out 200 letters you will get 4 phone calls, if you send out 400, you will get 8 phone calls.
    This easy method is the only one that actually taps 100% of the job market is described extensively on my blog "A Physician on Job Search" and in the blog "The Summary of Physician Job Search". You can also find it on WikiHow under "How to find a physician job".
    This is one of the premier job search methods that should be your first priority or second – after networking.

  2. Great blog, i will be coming back again(:

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